Books for the EC Classroom

Preschool Books

Many children in early childhood classrooms cannot manage separations well on their first day, the first week or even first month of school and the book The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn, is a perfect book for children that are having a hard time with this particular social-emotional stage.  The Kissing Hand, is one of the first early childhood books that I read in my class

room because it helps young children make sense of how they are feeling when their parents or caregivers leave the classroom.  The book explains to young children that it is okay to feel sad and it also explains that their family members will come back to get them at the end of the day. The best element of this book is the sweet suggestions it makes on how your students can deal with a family members absence.

Separation is one of the biggest issues facing our young children in the beginning of the school year.  Many would rather stay home than venture out and have new experiences.  This book, The Little Kangaroo by Guido van Genechten tackles the issue of when it is time to let go…  Here is a blurb from the author:

“The world is big … Much, much bigger than Mother Kangaroo’s pouch. But Little Kangaroo would rather stay with Mommy, where it’s safer, warmer and easier. Mom tries to show Little Kangaroo all that life has to offer. A splendid picture book about letting go in a loving way.”



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