My Hopes for Early Learners & Their Families

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I have learned a substantial amount of information and lessons regarding how to create an anti-bias learning environment and how to implement strategies for working with diverse families. The deepened lessons learned had more to do with how to best communicate, intervene, teach, and create a warm diverse anti-bias learning setting. From respectfully making diverse families visible in the classroom, to supporting all children’s families in a positive manner, it is important that we convey the message that all are welcome, all are appreciated, all are accepted, and are all valued in our safe learning environments.

Image result for lgbt familiesMy Hopes for early learners, their families, and their learning experiences.

Image result for multiracial familiesI hope that educators, help children build self-awareness, positive identities, and family pride. I  wish that educators are able to broaden children’s knowledge of diversity by ensuring that they learn how they are similar to other children and how they are different from others as well as how to respect those differences. I hope that educators can teach children to recognize what is unfair and have the skills to stand up for others and themselves. I hope to see early learners dispell stereotypes learned by messages in the media and society through acts of kindness, knowledge of self-identity, acceptance of diversity, and skills to stand up to injustice (Derman-Sparks & Edwards, 2010).


Image result for multiracial familiesMy biggest hope is that ALL early childhood educators and professionals have the opportunity to gain knowledge of how to implement an anti-bias curriculum and how to create an anti-bias environment.  I would like to thank my colleagues and Dr. Maria Meyers for allowing great discussions to develop and evolve, for their great ideas, and for sharing their valuable perspectives, experiences, and insights. I believe each colleague shed light on different aspects of the topics studied. Thank you.

One thought on “My Hopes for Early Learners & Their Families

  1. Lilyann,

    Thank you for sharing your hopes with us. Yes, we as educators must help children build self-awareness, positive identities, and family pride. That is the heart of Anti-bias education. Thank you again for being part of my circle of support, with your posts, feedback, and insights. I wish all the best in your future and your career as an anti-bias educator.

    Asilah Trabulsi


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